CAS No:84-54-8 Product Name:2-Methylanthraquinone

Purity:95%;99% Package:25Kg

Supply Capacity:10 MT per month Price:Detailed

Product Overview

Product Name£º2-Methylanthraquinone  CAS No:84-54-8

Alias£ºBETA-methyl ketone,-methyl hydrazine; ¦Â-2-methyl-9,10-nonanedione Molecular formula:C15H10O2

Molecular Weight:222.24 Purity:95%£»99%

Appearance:Light yellow powder Package:25kg/Cardboard Bucket(35cm*53cm), double plastic bag inside.

Application:Dyes, paper, medicine, organic synthesis Specification:25kg

Supply Capacity:10 MT per month Delivery Time:2 months

Storage:Store in a dry and cool place

Quality Inspection


Physicochemical Properties

Appearance and Character£ºLight yellow powder Density£º1.267 g/cm3

Boiling point£º236-238 ¡ãC10 mm Hg(lit.)  Melting point£º170-173 ¡ãC(lit.)

Flash point£º209 ¡ãC Refractive index£º1.644

Storage Condition£ºStore in a dry and cool place


2-alkyl hydrazine is of great industrial value, not only as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of dark high-quality dyes, but also as an efficient pulping additive in the papermaking process, and also in medicine, pesticides, etc. widely used. Among the 2-alkyl hydrazines, 2-methyl hydrazine and 2-ethyl hydrazine are the most common, and 2-alkyl onion mash can be modified according to different needs to synthesize the target compound.

1) In terms of dyes, 2-methyl hydrazine is first chlorinated or nitrated, and a wide variety of lanthanide dyes can be synthesized. According to statistics, there are hundreds of types of lanthanide dyes. Great business value.

2) In the papermaking process, 2-methylindole is a very efficient additive that can penetrate into the interior of the wood chip and be reduced to 2-methylindole hydroquinone, which is unstable and easily oxidized, where the redox cycle In the process, the components in the wood chips are oxidized, which aggravates the reaction and improves the efficiency of pulping.

3) In terms of medicine, alkyl guanidines also have very significant medicinal value. According to the continuous research at this stage, the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and killing of tumor cells of terpenoids are constantly being explored, and some are applied to actual disease confrontation work.

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